Fine Art Portfolio

The majority of my recent work has been created using colored pencil on a toned, textured paper. I find that toned paper provides better media coverage than a traditional white paper and the texture of the paper allows the ability to apply many layers of colored pencil to achieve certain effects, such as water running over rock.

River of Gold
"River of Gold"Colored Pencil, 2002
October Morning
"October Morning"Colored Pencil, 2002
Sabbaday Falls
"Sabbaday Falls"Colored Pencil, 2001
Winter colored pencil drawing
"Winter Solstice"Colored Pencil, 2000
Barn colored pencil drawing
"Before the Day is Done"Colored Pencil, 2001
Ocean with rocks colored pencil drawing
"Rocky Coast"Colored Pencil, 2000
The Basin colored pencil drawing
"The Basin"Colored Pencil, 2002
Colored pencil drawing with clouds
"Passing Clouds"Colored Pencil, 2001
waterfall colored pencil drawing
"Cold Brook Falls"Colored Pencil, 2000
Waterfall colored pencil drawing
"Tama Falls"Colored Pencil, 2000
Winter scene with tree colored pencil drawing
"A Tree in Winter"Colored Pencil, 2001
Mountain winter scene colored pencil drawing
"Northern Exposure"Colored Pencil, 2001
Waterfall landscape colored pencil drawing
"Falls of Beaver Brook Trail"Colored Pencil, 2000
Lighthouse landscape colored pencil drawing
"Nubble Lighthouse"Colored Pencil, 2003
field landscape in early morning - colored pencil drawing
"Early Morning Field"Colored Pencil, 2000
"The Old Man"Colored Pencil, 2003
"Glen Ellis Falls"Colored Pencil, 2004

Pet Portraits

A large body of my work includes pet portraits – both personal and commissioned work. Capturing the personality and presence of a pet is particularly challenging, however very rewarding when experiencing the reaction to the work from the pet’s owner. These works utilized the same toned, textured paper techniques as the landscapes above.

Colored pencil portrait of cat
"Crouching Tiger"Colored Pencil, 2001
Colored pencil portait of cat laying in sunlight
"Basking in the Sunlight"Colored Pencil, 2003
Cat laying with one eye open
"Catch a TIger by the Tail"Colored Pencil, 2001
Cat laying on comfortable chair drawing
"Muttons"Colored Pencil, 2000
horse black and white drawing
"Horse"Colored Pencil, 2000
dog laying in dog bed colored pencil drawing
UntitledColored Pencil, 2004
boston terrier laying in sun colored pencil drawing
"Lucy"Colored Pencil, 2006
cat sleeping colored pencil drawing
"Catnap"Colored Pencil, 2001
Golden labrador colored pencil drawing
"Tuck"Colored Pencil, 2005
Cat yawning colored pencil drawing
"Sheva"Colored Pencil, 2004

Undergraduate Printmaking Portfolio

The vast majority of my undergraduate work at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School was done in printmaking. As a printmaking major, I was exposed to a variety of printmaking media. My portfolio represents the media that resonated with me.

The style of my work is influenced by the artist Raphael Soyer that used a variety of cross hatching techniques in rendering a figure, a landscape or still life. This resonated with my greatly and it was particularly representative in my work

Lithograph of still life
"Still Life"Lithgraph, 1993
"The Boardwalk"Color Linocut, 1993
"Landscape No. 1"Lithograph, 1993
Lithograph drawing of house on island with cross in foreground
"Killam's Point"Lithograph, 1993
Colored etching of building
"My Back Porch"Colored Etching, 1996
linocut print self portrait
Self PortraitLinocut, 1994
man sitting amongst easter island heads lithograph
"Untitled"Lithograph, 1996
lithograph print of girl writing in notebook
"Untitled"Lithograph, 1996
Color lithograph still life with candles and skull
"Still Life"Colored Lithograph, 1995
Overhead view of woman lying in bed with man sitting with her lithograph
"Untitled"Lithograph, 1995
woodcut print of crows and face
"The Crows: A Tribute to Kirchner and Nolde"Woodcut, 1995
lithograph of Johann Sibelius
"Sibelius"Lithograph, 1996
lithograph self portrait
Self PortraitLithgraph, 1995
Woodcut print of landscape with mountains
"Landscape No. 2"Woodcut, 1994
Lithograph of woman holding baby
"Mother and Child"Lithograph, 1993
teddy bear in chair near window lithograph
"Untitled"Lithograph, 1993

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